Built With: Elementor

Doral College

Doral College is a private college offering in-person and online courses for students. Their website is used for keeping information up to date regarding the college including faculty, student resources, upcoming events, login paths and much more. Doral College was previously setup on a outdated version of WordPress and needed a redesign before the Fall semester began. All components of the website needed to be redesigned including the homepage, contact page, news templates, search results, and more. Elementor was used for rapid development with the templating system which allowed many templates to be re-used across various pages. The new website was relaunched in Amazon Web Services (AWS), optimized with WP Rocket & Imagify, and secured with Wordfence.


Without the assistance of RAR Web Apps, we would not have been able to meet our timeline with the new version of our website. Rohan was phenomenal in his ability to understand our vision and limitations and suggest a path forward that was both realistic and cost effective. Our website looks fantastic and we are incredibly satisfied with the work that went above and beyond our expectations. Our new website is up and running fantastically. We definitely could NOT have accomplished this without RAR Web Apps expertise. Thank you very much for all of your hard work.
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