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Google Adwords
Facebook Pixel

Use Case:

This client had a wedding venue website on Wix and needed to redesign their website to showcase their modern/affordable wedding venue. The entire website was redesigned on WordPress using the Elementor page builder. Custom features included advanced tabs to showcase the client's many event packages, Zoho integration, Google Tag Manager, and SEO optimization on all landing pages. The website was designed to be completely responsive and work on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


Rohan was great! He took every single one of our requests and made them happen. We had numerous tasks and re-edits that he did without any complaints. He had given our entire site a new modern look, just like we asked for ( . We've already received numerous compliments on our website from dozens of our clients and believe that his work will increase business for us in the long run. Rohan was very responsive, helpful and did way more than we asked him to. If you're looking to have a site rebuilt or designed, look no further ! I would highly recommend using Rohan!

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